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Luccini Blood Bowl League
October 23rd, 2015
NAF World Cup III

Hotels in Lucca are waiting for you. Remember: your booking is according to the name of your team, so you can just tell the receptionist the glorious name of your team (or, if you have not a team, you NAF nickname). If you come by car in the town center, you have to tell the license plate to the hotel in advance so you can get your car pass. And you have to pay cash the tourist tax at the hotel. And don’tforget the toothbrush!

Free admissions to Lucca Comics & Games are over. Tickets have been booked and everyone playing in the Naf World Cup and asked will get the four-day free pass. How to collect it? You go to the pass check point (and not to the ticket point), show an identity card and ask for the “Blood Bowl Pass”. The pass check point where to get the pass are: Accredit Point Lucca Games (viale Carducci) from October, 29th.

Need a place for your miniatures? KR Multicase is a sponsor of the World Cup and will offer many beautiful case for your miniatures.

Playing the (video)game in your spare time at the World Cup venue? Why not, since Halifax kindly provided us with the Blood Bowl II videogame. You can try it during the 3 days of the Cup.

You asked, we now show them to you: here attached come the official Luccini World Cup field (by FF-Fields) and the Cup. Yes, the World Cup, that one, made by Mirko Benedetti (Albero Nero). Since we wrote they were ready, many of you have written asking to see them. Here they are!

Check your team in the official list and the rosters. Here is the link. The draw for round 1 on Saturday evening at 20:30 (Italian hour), live here!. Come and join the conversation, see who you are paired against!

Please read here the official NAF FAQs about the World Cup. So can prepare at you best your tournament.

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