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Luccini Blood Bowl League
September 18th, 2015
NAF World Cup III

More than a beauty contest, the Grog Trophy - Special Edition is the miniature painting contest that will award the best painted teams playing at the NAF World Cup. The Grog Trophy (in Luccini and Tilea aka “Trofeo Grog”) is the miniature painting contest usually held in Lucca Comic & Games convention (this year reaching its 29th edition). At the World Cup, a special jury will make a preselection of the most beautiful teams during the first rounds, in order to award prizes at the end of the tournament. Teams will be divided and judged according to different categories (Humans, Orcs, Chaos, Elves, Undead, Sauri, Stunties and Underworld), but jurors will be allowed to award other special prizes. So, make your team up!

How to reach Lucca, Once landed? We suggest you a smooth solution: Tau Touring, with its English speaking drivers, will wait for your team, travel mates and you, and it will drive you by cars (up to three persons) and minivans (up to seven persons) from Milan, Florence and Pisa airports to your hotel in Lucca. Tau Touring will also pick you up at Milan, Florence, Pisa and Lucca railway stations:

- from Milan Malpensa Airport, car € 500,00 / minivan € 530,00
- from Milan Linate Airport or Milan Centrale Railway Station, car € 480,00 / minivan € 500,00
- from Florence Santa Maria Novella Railway Station, car € 120,00 / minivan € 130,00
- from Florence Leonardo Da Vinci Airport, car € 110,00 / minivan € 120,00
- from Pisa Centrale Railway Station or Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport, car € 55,00 / minivan € 65,00
- from Lucca Railway Station, car € 12,00 / minivan € 15,00.

Check the Tau Touring website or write an email. Highest comfort, cheap fees, zero worries, so you won’t think to travel issues anymore, and rather focus on tactics or painting your World Cup miniatures (and maybe win the Grog Trophy).

The Miniature Apothecary will be there for you. We know, Blood Bowl tournaments can be tough and, during matches or moving teams from one table to another, some players could be injured – physically, we mean. That’s why a miniature and model expert will be there at your disposal to fix the situation and go back to the field to fight again.

The official World Cup logo comes for free zipped and attached to this email. You can use it to personalize memorial T-Shirts or gadgets or whatever, but it’s under Common Creative copyright so please do not use it for commercial purposes.

Please, please, please: Read the Newsletter! Our NL is sent to all the participants to the NAF World Cup III, so it’s not spam: on the contrary, it contains vital (or at least: very, very, very important) information about the tournament, and it's the official and the most valuable source of it. We also upload the news on our website, but we think it’s easier, once in a while, to have a look to your inbox: you’ll save a lot of time wondering about questions that may have been already answered.

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